Release creative blocks…

“Following my graduation [from art school], I avoided painting for five years – that is, until I took Amy Jo’s Soul Paint workshop. Amy Jo helped me to paint in the freestyle, intuitive way I had always dreamt of painting, but never had the keys to unlock. 

With her help and guidance, I was able to release the mental blocks I had to the art world, and uncover the kind of artist I was truly meant to be. Since I took that class, I’ve continued to paint.  As a yoga teacher, I found parallels between the intuitive painting world and the yoga world, so to pair them together naturally was my first thought! 

I am forever grateful to Amy Jo for re-igniting this passion and healing modality to my life.” – Amy R.

Discover yourself…

“I really enjoyed learning how to put my feeling into a constructive form…I had never done something like this before! Amy Jo pulled me slowly into an area of myself that I had never experienced and it was absolutely life changing. She’s amazing!!!” – Susan F.     

Explore the creative world…

“Amy Jo is inspiring and has lots of creative ways to express one’s self through art. I did things I had never done – cool stuff!” – Terry T.

I enjoyed Soul Paint and gained new insights into art and myself. I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up, but I’m sure glad I did.
Amy Jo is AWESOME!
— Lindsay N.
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I now have the


to say

YES to passion…”

“Amy Jo’s Soul Paint series has completely changed my life. I hadn’t painted in several years after completing my Bachelors of Fine Arts. I was completely stuck and didn’t even think I had any creativity left. I left drained and so critical of myself. Amy completely broke down my walls and helped me dig deep into my inner doubts. I have been painting daily ever since I took Soul Paint. My creativity is soaring and I’m happier and healthier than I have ever been.” - Debra W.

And a few more…

“Amy is amazing. I love how she makes me feel at ease, even though my entire day was full of stress.” – Mary

“Take this class. It will change your life!” - Rachel

“Fantastic instructor. It was fun, exciting and relaxing!” – Kathy

“Amy Jo is delightful. Very adept at leading by example and inspiring by using a variety of visuals and demonstrations.” - Janet

“Excellent. Productive mix of instruction, demonstration and individual practice. Lively instructor is very good at inspiring students.” - Pat

“Awesome instructor! Learned great techniques and thoroughly enjoyed it!” - Julie F.

“I absolutely loved the instructor! Amy was engaging, collaborative, challenging, and encouraging! I loved all of the techniques I was taught, yet the class was so flexible! We were all able to select elements about the course we felt intrigued to dive into!” - Marty

“LOVE this course. Learning
so much about painting and myself and that I
love painting. Amy Jo is amazing, sweet, funny,
kind, a great instructor that puts you at ease,
makes you feel like with painting there are “no
mistakes, just happy accidents”.
— Katie P