Amy Jo
International Business Coach & Marketing Strategist 
Passionate Artist Turned 
Digital Fairy Godmother
With Strategy, Implementation & A Little Pixie Dust,
I Help You Transform Your Business 
Amy Jo is a Business Coach and Marketing Strategist for Creative Entrepreneurs ready to make waves, not ripples. She was awarded the POP scholarship from the National Association of Women Business Owners And is a top 30 podcaster for her show “The VIP Lounge”. 

She loves helping women make their first $1,000 online and create irresistible offers that continually sell through passive income streams. 
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Hey Creative, Awesome Human!
Does one of these sound like you?

- You have a creative business (maybe it's being awesome at painting, hand-lettering, photography, coaching, or something else!) and you're ready to take the next step in building your business online and consistently generating leads & sales

- You’ve been trying to sell your products for what seems like forever with no luck and you’re getting super frustrated

- You're really good at something and you always get the questions, "How'd you do that?!" or "Can you help me with this?" and you're interested in monetizing your passion

- You've taken several courses and still feel totally overwhelmed with WHERE and HOW to expand your creative business

- Your eyes start to cross a little just THINKING about all that you 'need' to do to get your business going online and finally start generating income doing what you love
What if I told you there was a way to streamline 
customers right to your offers 
(without working 24/7?)

I’ve been painting since I could hold a paint brush. The creative process brings me peace, comfort, joy, and all of the juicy feel good vibes. When I built my Soul Paint business, I wasn’t thinking long term. I didn’t know how to expand, multiply myself, or impact more humans than just those locally. All I knew, was that I had a process that was changing peoples lives and I wanted to impact more. 

So I began to research online and invested thousands of dollars into learning how to bring my passion into the online space.  

And frankly, it was suuuuper overwhelming. There were so many systems, programs and strategies that I didn’t know which one to choose. I was in a constant state of “freebie overwhelm” trying to put all of the pieces together. 

When I told people I wanted to do my art business full time…
they laughed at me. 

I vividly remember talking with a business coach back in the day about what I wanted to do and how I wanted to structure my business. She literally laughed. I felt so defeated and like I’d be stuck in a cubicle for the rest of my life because nobody ‘got’ me. 

“Artists don’t make money” they’d say. Even when I was getting my bachelors in Art Therapy…that was the response every. single. time.

It took me a long time to shake off those moments. But when I finally did, I was all in.

Maybe you’ve been through something similar?

I’m a serial entrepreneur at heart (seriously, since birth) who started out charging way too much for lemonade (a 5 year old’s gotta make moolah for those fancy rollerblades!) When I was 12 I started a jewelry line. At 14 I started a babysitting business. At 18 a photography business that made me some cash through college. And At 22 I started Soul Paint Co., a painting company that provided art as a therapeutic technique, Soul Painting workshops, and coaching throughout the process.

I loved each business, but I wanted to impact more….

So I brought my business online in 2015

Not only am I teaching my passion through my Soul Paint course, but I’m also helping other creative entrepreneurs package their passions and sell them online (over and over).    
Because having a creative business is the best 
& most unique business you can have.

I’ve worked with coaches, artists, designers, and more to bring their visions to life in the online space through the use of funnels and strategic marketing.

I've spent thousands of dollars on other courses for myself, just to be in another land of overwhelm. I'd learn bits and pieces, but I didn't have a perfect system in front of me to take me from A-Z easily. To be honest, most courses I didn't finish because it was just TOO I'd take what I could from it, implement, and walk away still feeling far from my dream.

After almost 10 years in the online world, running my own businesses for a majority of that time, I've learned A LOT about building an online business in a way that FEELS GOOD....not stressful.
That's my goal. To get your business online & profitable in an easy, non-stressful way.

It's nice to meet you!
xo Amy Jo
Founder of
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