Hi, I’m Amy Jo

Artist + Creative Entrepreneur


It all started in 2012…

I was working in a cubicle of the marketing department at a local college. My position was to create marketing material for community education classes.

One day, my boss came running in because the art teacher was unable to teach one of the art classes, so she asked if I’d step in.

I said, “No way.”

I had never taught before and had NO idea what I would teach. She asked me to think about it and the next day, I decided to say yes…

My degree had been in Art Therapy, and I had made art a huge part of my life since birth. However, after I had graduated, I didn’t paint for the entire year.

I was COMPLETELY burnt out of the creative process. Nothing I made looked ‘good enough’. Evening THINKING of something to paint seemed like the hardest thing in the world. Inspiration was at an all time low and my inner critic was totally running the show.

It took me about a year to get my ‘groove back’. I had to start all over, break down my walls, release my creative tension, and start fresh. And then? Things started to flow. My paintings didn’t have to be PERFECT. They didn’t have to tell a story. All they had to do was just be.

So I said yes.

Yes to painting.

Yes to teaching.

Yes to being myself.

When I agreed to teach the art class, my life changed.

My boss had said, “literally teach whatever you want that has to do with art”.

So I sat down and wrote out what helped ME begin my creative journey again…

…& Soul Paint was born.

The first class had 6 students, all of whom had never painted before. We sat in a circle, talked about our creative fears and what has kept us ‘stuck’, and began the creative process I had taken myself through the year before.

I led the students through the process of releasing creative blocks, stepping into the energy of creativity, letting their inner artist run free, and allowing themselves to find the fun again.

& do you know what happened?

Transformations happened.

In fact, one woman (who came in the first night shaking and saying “I don’t know why I’m here. I’ve never even held a paintbrush!) left on the last night saying that she had painted every day since night #1 and had devoted a whole room in her house for creating.

& this story isn’t a one-hit-wonder.

In fact, in the years I’ve been leading Soul Paint workshops, I hear a story like this come out of each and every workshop.

Stories of self-judgement being released.

Stories of releasing the fear, doubt, & inner critic.

Stories of creating a creative space in the home for me time (one woman actually BUILT an entire art room onto her house after my workshop).

This isn’t just an art course.

It’s a life course.

That’s what I tell my students. This course can completely change your outlook on life. It can help you build confidence, kick your judgement to the curb, grow your creativity, and heal your inner child.

One of my favorite stories is of a woman who came to one of my workshops years ago. She told me she hadn’t painted since high school because her teacher told her she'd “never be good enough to be an artist”. She had been holding on to that phrase for nearly 30 years.

After the workshop? She cried. She brought in her artwork from 30 years ago - finally proud of them.

What does she do now? She paints.

This class is transformative and I’ve loved every minute of it.

Because I believe in the power of this course, I wanted to put it into an online learning platform so that it could have the impact on others around the world, like it has impacted so many locally.

I’m thrilled that my journey has led me here, and I’m excited to share my passion with you!

xo Amy Jo


Fun Facts

  • ...I was a POP Scholarship winner for the National Association of Women Business Owners

  • ...I created my first international business at the age of 25. I coached women from Australia to the UK to Canada and beyond to build a life around their passions

  • ...teaching is my passion. I've taught creative workshops since 2012 & have worked with over 500 women to release their creative blocks and begin their artistic journey

  • ...you may recognize me from the show Better KC, the Huffington Post, SheOwnsIt.com, and more!

  • ...on a more personal note...I'm married to my super cool husband Caleb, I’m a new mama to an amazing son & we have 2 fabulous pups - Penny & Phoebe!